We ask every potential volunteer or intern attend trainings in order begin their service at Harold's House!

First, is the general orientation.This orientation goes over the background of Harold's House, how we operate and a tour.This usually last an hour.

After the general orientation, if you wish to continue in the process; you will submit the application, background check and questionnaire given to you at orientation.

Once our volunteer coordinator, Danielle Garrett, receives the green light on the background check and references, you may attend the next required training.

If you have under 18, or you want to be a non-direct services volunteer, you will go through the general volunteer training

If you have over 18, wish to be a direct services volunteer or intern, you will go through the direct services training or known as an family greeter.

After this training, you are now a volunteer for Harold's House!

However, If you wish to be an intern... there will be an intern training closer to your start date!

The next general orientation is:



Click HERE for Orientation information

Ways you can volunteer:

 Looking for a meaningful way to get involved that's also flexible enough to meet your schedule?

We offer a number of ways you can help change the life of a child at Harold's House.​​


  • Family Greeter - Hospitality welcoming children and non-offending family members. Comforting, supporting and interacting, providing supervision in a confidential setting for children while they receive services, including counseling and as play therapy support for our counselors.  Locations available in Angelina or Nacogdoches County.Must be available between the times of 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.​
  • Event Volunteer- ​Each year, we have two large Purse Bingos and need volunteers to help prepare, set up and assist at the event. Preparing could include: Making DIY decorations for tables, raffles or graphics. At the event, a volunteer could help run a sales table, be at a ticket table, or assist guest to tables. 
  • Creative Options - If there's something you enjoy, like scrapbooking, painting, drawing, organizing, etc., please consider donating your talent to Harold's House. We appreciate the time and unique skills of all our volunteers. We understand that not ever person interested in volunteering has the time or ability to commit to weekday hours, and might like to work on a weekend or evening. 

Volunteering and Internship

To serve child victims of sexual and/or physical abuse, minimizing their trauma through a team approach in a child friendly environment 

How to get started:

Wanting more information?:

P: 936-634-1999    |    F: 936-634-2017